SIKU PT712 Room Thermostat

• digital thermostat with temperature sensor
• enables a regulation of the room temperature
• 2-Week-Program
• 6 temperature changes per day
• Window-ventilation-control
• Display with background lighting
• Hysteresis-setting available
• Setting the minimum time for turning on the Infraplate
• quick change of the desired temperature
• Information about runtime
• parental control
• Buffer-battery in case of power outage lasts more than 100 hours
• Simple assembly – System Plug-In

The SIKU PT712 is a digital room thermostat with temperature sensor. Using this thermostat, you can achieve lower heating costs and higher warmth comfort at the desired time.
The PT712 is made for permanent connection, so it doesn’t need a receiver.
Item no: 50446
Supply: 230 V / 50 Hz
Output: max. 12 A
Temperature range: per day 6 temperature changes
Power outage: more than 100 hours
Temperature range: +3°C to+100°C
Working temperature: 0°C to+40°C
Programm: 2-week program
Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 47 mm
Protection class: IP20