The new SIKU Infraplate pro heating panels in timeless, slimline design.
The heating panels are the most advanced solution for efficient, comfortable
and cost-effective heating of living areas

Take advantages of the new SIKU Infraplate pro heating panels:
– Clean, silent and dust-free room climate
– Reduction of air circulation
– Low acquisition and maintenance costs
– Very short and consistent heat-up phase
– Little need for space
– Simple installation
– Up to 5-year warranty

The SIKU Infraplate pro heating panels represent high heating performance,
dependable workmanship and superb quality.

The heating element is made from high-quality carbon crystal and enables
a high degree of efficiency, thanks to maximum radiation from the front,
natural surface temperature and optimally insulated rear.
This means that the heat energy can be created exactly where it is needed.
The thermal insulation on the rear prevents heat loss.
The thermal energy is effectively radiated from the front, creating a
pleasant room climate. This method of construction enables maintaining the room temperature at a level 1-2°C lower, while keeping the same comfort level. This leads to a noticeable decrease in heating costs.