SIKU Infraplate pro Towel Holder

• fits for SIKU Infraplate pro Satinato and SIKU Infraplate Mirror
• very easy mounting
• the towel holder is fixed on the Infraplate with 4 screws
• suitable for bathrooms and wellness-areas
• used to quickly dry your wet towels
• up to two towel holders per Infraplate


The SIKU IPP-HAHA Towel Holder made of brushed aluminum is made for use in bathrooms or wellness-areas. Up to two towel holders can be mounted on an Infraplate with a width of 60 cm.

Item no: 50505
Packaging unit:
40 Pcs
445 g
Dimensions (L x W x H x T): 630 x 40 x 140 x 3 mm
Load-bearing capacity: 1 kg
Material: Aluminium