SIKU Infraplate pro Receiver

• wireless receiver for control of Infraplates
• only in connection with SIKU IPP-SRC Remote
• Plug-in receiver for turning on/off Infraplates
• multiple receivers can be controlled with one remote
• the max. range between remote and receiver is 15 meters


With the plug-in receiver (SIKU IPP-ERV Receiver – available as an accessory) the signals from the remote are transmitted to the Infraplate. The max. range between remote and receiver is 15 meters (depending on the design-type of your building). The remote shows the desired temperature, the current temperature, and the current time. The temperature sensor measures the current temperature and sends a signal to the receiver, to turn the Infraplate on or off to keep a consistent room temperature.

Item no: 50495
220-240 V (50/60 Hz)
Power consumption:
0.2 W
Weight: 0.225 kg
Dimensions: 125 x 52 x 41 mm
Protection class: IP20

Data sheet SIKU Infraplate pro Receiver